India Sets Up Nuclear Insurance Pool

The government of India has finally launched a nuclear insurance pool to the tune of Rs. 1500 crore which is a mandatory requirement under the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage Act (CLND)-2010. Liability to mitigate nuclear risk was the biggest concern of the suppliers. In the absence of the nuclear insurance pool, several projects such … Read more

Best Personal Accident Insurance Policies In India

Accidents can occur with anyone and at any time, so it’s better to stay prepared against such uncertainties. According to The Ministry of Road, Transport, and Highways, 1.5 Lakh people lost their lives in road accidents in the year 2018. It counts to the death of 17 people every hour due to road accidents. As … Read more

When Can You Approach The Insurance Ombudsman In India

In the Insurance industry like any other industry, there are customers and investors who are not satisfied with the policy of the companies offering the policies. The Insurance Ombudsman is a scheme of the government to address those complaints of the policyholders for effective and efficient settlement of the problems out of the courtroom and … Read more

Role And Importance Of Tpa In Health Insurance

The increasing number of health-related issues due to our current lifestyle and the environmental condition has shifted the perception of health insurance from a luxury product to a necessity. Now people are more aware of the benefits of a Compare health insurance policy which was earlier considered as a very less fruitful product. A health … Read more

Benefits Of Health Insurance

Health insurance has become the need of the hour. But not many people in India will agree to this and question-’Why?’, instead. There are not one or two, but many reasons why one should own health insurance plans in India. The major one being the skyrocketing cost of health care treatments, in this article we will know about … Read more

Tata Aia Life Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

As per IRDAI annual report, the latest claim settlement ratio of Tata AIA Life Insurance is 99.06% for the Financial Year 2019-20. Tata AIA is one of the best insurance company and last few years Tata AIA did really good and always make place top 5 best insurance company in term of CSR. IRDA recently … Read more

Types Of Life Insurance Policies In India

Life Insurance policies are a popular way to invest and receive tax benefits. Life insurance also provides financial security for those unexpected ups and downs in life. The life insurance company pools in the premium ofthousands of people and disburse a lump sum if there is a death amongst those who are covered by a … Read more

What To Do When Insurance Is Expired

Due to the busy life, lots of responsibilities and high rate of competition in the current era, many important things can slip from your mind. And the late realization of the things which you have forgotten makes you aware of the losses which you have incurred. The same goes for your insurance policy. Many people … Read more