Role Of Insurance In Buying Or Selling Of An Used Car

Thinking of getting a car, but not getting your choice of car within your budget? Consider getting a used car instead of buying a brand new one. With cars becoming an essential item for commuting, purchasing second hand cars has become extremely popular of late. People can have their choice of car in their affordable … Read more

Know Pre Post Hospitalization Health Policy

Most people opine that a health policy provides coverage only for those medical expenses that one incurs during his/her stay at the hospital. However, contrary to the common belief, insurers also cover the expenses incurred prior to getting hospitalized as well as after getting discharged from the hospital. These are commonly termed as pre and … Read more

7 Important Insurance Policies Company Needs

Doing business is not an easy task. Not only do you have to take important decisions to run the business successfully. You also have to ensure that the business is properly insured to protect the same from uncertain events. Insurance is one of the foremost things to keep in mind while starting a business. Insurance … Read more

Centralised Database To Curb Insurance Claim Frauds

In order to curb fraudulent insurance claims, which are being reportedly made over 500 per day, the Life Insurance Council is considering bringing a monitoring framework for its member. The apex industry body would prepare a centralized database of all policyholders, and will be functional from December this year. Similar to banks get information from … Read more

Insurance Plans Help Recover Natural Disasters

On 26th January 2001, a massive earthquake hit the Bhuj district of Gujarat and an entire city was demolished within minutes. Similarly, on the 26th December of 2004, India woke up to the shocking story of Tsunami hitting the coastal area and thousands of people lost their lives and their homes to the disaster. Natural … Read more

Beware Car Insurance Scam

Scams are very common these days, despite the best intentions of all concerned authorities or regulators to prevent them from happening. Let’s understand what is car insurance scam? Insurance scams occur when an insurance company, agent, intermediary or customer makes a deliberate trickery seek a dishonest gain. It may occur in the process of buying, using, … Read more

Third Party Motor Insurance Cover

Your vehicle may well be the second most valuable asset owned by you. Even if this is not the case, you would surely want to be assured that both you, and this prized possession of yours, are appropriately covered in the face of any unforeseen event like an accident right? Table Content Third Party Insurance … Read more

Choose Insurance Agent 4 Steps

A good insurance agent is a boon. An agent who keeps your interest ahead of his own is what makes an agent good. It is a known fact that insurance agents work for commissions and money is important to everyone. However, a good agent should not be motivated by commissions and suggest policies that have … Read more

Can Change Term Plans Specifications Post Purchase

Term plans are the purest form of life insurance, which offers financial security to your loved ones at the most affordable costs. Term plans offer death benefit which is equal to the sum assured opted, by the policyholder during the policy term. We can change term plans specifications like the nominee or nominees can be … Read more

Health Insurance Vs Critical Insurance Cover

Mr. Iyer is spending sleepless nights – not only because he has been detected with cancer, but because his medical insurance provider has informed him that his medical insurance will only cover the hospitalization expenses. It will not cover the rest of the treatment cost. Coupled with this, due to his ill health he is … Read more